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The Sound of Vision when you play casinos

This is a concept that you use when you try to visualize your winnings as you play casino games. So what do I mean by that? Imagine that you receive free spins on Starburst while playing in an online casino like Bethard. The reason we’ve chosen Bethard in this scenario is because they are a well known casino brand that have a lot of trust.

Now back to our example. Let’s say that you receive 10 free spins on Starburst. You start spinning and while you are spinning you try to visualize that you get 3 scatters and enter the bonus game. People don’t realize that you can actually affect the surroundings around you if you use your mind hard enough.

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The Sound of Vision is a concept where you always try to visualize positive thoughts when gambling. Let’s take another example when you are playing blackjack in a real life casino. Before the cards are dealt you try to see the cards that will appear infront of you. It’s almost as you can see that ten of spades and ace of hearts being dealt to you. This way of positive thinking will affect your winnings in the long run.

A lot of people will intentionally or unintentionally have negative thoughts while they gamble. In the back of their head they will always think “I can never win the jackpot”, “I’m not one of those lucky people”. When they think like this they will never win either. Then you have other people who are convinced that they will win every spin and every hand they play. These people tend to win more than these other people and they also tend to be more happier. This is because they are always visualizing that they will win a lot of money while playing casino.

Next time you grab a casino bonus while gambling online I want you to visualize yourself winning a lot of money. Try to see the big win before it happens and train this ability on a daily basis. As soon as you wake up you should imagine that you’ve won a lot of money playing in the casino. Every time you grab a meal you should see a jackpot win before your eyes and every night before you go to bed you should say to yourself “I am a casino winner”. This is a very important exercise and is the key in order to make a lot of money.

Take a look at this guy named Ashley Revell. He bet his entire life savings ($136 000) on a single Roulette spin and won! Was it pure luck or was it something else? PS, he bet on red!


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